Friday, September 5, 2008

Missing summer's produce

I love fresh fruits and vegetables. They truly taste better when they don't travel across the country in a truck, instead coming from your own backyard or local market. Though I enjoy the salads from Top Dog, the one I had the other day was full of sad looking veggies.

Do we have other options in Harrisonburg? Yes.

The Downtown Harrisonburg Farmer's Market offers fresh, local produce, baked goods, and craft items twice a week. Often grown without sprays or other chemicals, these items are healthier and tastier.

I am currently working on a story about the market for The Breeze, but am running into a dilemma. Do students even know this exists? I don't want to create an article that features locals but no one from JMU, because I don't know if readers will care. But then again, maybe this is my chance to inform our peers about the valley's gem and encourage them to think locally. I'm sure that this market will interest more upperclassmen who don't have a tight meal plan and who also have their own transportation.

I wish that everyone would be able to see the value in buying juicy green pears, picked-last-night peaches, and dirt's-still-on potatoes. They aren't picture-perfect like that out-of-season items you might find at Wal-mart, but they are so much beter.

Do you ever visit Harrisonburg's Farmer's Market? Did you know we had one? Let me know!

Check out The Breeze on Monday for this story.