Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to my new blog all about food – Dine With a Duke!

Over the past year, both at my school James Madison University and at home, I have fallen in love with all aspects of food. Whether watching Food Network, cooking in my kitchen, or dining out at local restaurants, I look forward to everything that food can give us.

While my friends discuss Bagel Bites and chicken nuggets, I think about garden-fresh zucchini and salty feta cheese. I’m sure they’ve grown tired of my constant chatter about our next meal or my most recent cooking endeavor. Writing a blog dedicated to this growing passion will give me an outlet to share my thoughts, while also helping me improve my writing (my goal is to be a journalist in the next few years).

As the summer comes to an end, I will focus on food at home. Once school begins in August, my blog will be centered on food for college students: dorm cooking, dining facilities (the good and the bad), and restaurants in Harrisonburg. I hope to include recipes, photos, and reviews throughout this blog.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions as I begin this journey – and I hope to hear about all the great food you’ve had!

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