Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back from the beach

After a week of tanning, reading, biking, kayaking, and eating lots of good food, I'm back from the Eastern Shore.

The highlight of our annual family trip is always fresh blue crabs - my dad and uncle put several crab pots out in the bay, and then check them everyday for crabs. After cooking them in a large pot, it's time to "process." They take the shells apart, and then it's time to pick out the meat, which is a lot of work. My uncle picks and eats the entire time, but the rest of the family wants to make something with the crab - crabcakes! I hadn't eaten any meat or seafood for the past year and a half, but I knew I would eat seafood at the beach. The crabcakes were so good - and so was the crab soup we made back at home with the rest of the meat!!

The little town of Eastville, VA only has one restaurant that I know of - The Eastville Inn. Despite its high prices, they have amazing seafood and other dishes. Each of the four members of my family ordered a different dish: rich shrimp scampi, sea scallops with crab and lots of butter, flounder with roasted red peppers and shrimp, and my salmon with asparagus, crab, and dill hollandaise. YUM! Everything was delicious! We also had crab bisque, amazing sweet potato biscuits, and the final touch - a creamy and sweet creme brulee (when we went last time at the beach, my cousin basically inhaled one, and then ordered a second!).

Compare this restaurant to our other favorite stop in the nearby town of Cape Charles - Rayfield's Pharmacy. With an old-fashioned soda bar and grill, this lunch stop is a classic. For years, our favorite treat there has been limeades - they squeeze the limes right in front of you and mix in the sugar syrup and seltzer water. Their menu offers a little of everything. I remember being younger and loving the hot dogs because they slit them lengthwise to grill on both sides.

What good restaurants have you found on your travels? Anything memorable that you go back for year after year?

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